A progressive, South West based accountancy practice

Where’s the proof?

Targets smashed. Penalties saved. Fees returned with interest! Just look at what we’ve achieved for others.

Show me how

Even when presented with our most streamlined and profitable client, we managed to increase their profitability by 103.85%.
During our last tax return season, we obtained tax refunds for 18% of our clients; that’s more than 1 in every 6. Plus, on average, we save our clients £4.41 for every £1 of fee they invest with us.
So far, 5,568 months of education for Indian children have been purchased with funds from our B1G1 campaign. And the number keeps rising.
Over the past five years, we have secured tax refunds totalling £600,154. That’s over half a million pounds or £100,000 EVERY YEAR.
Our recent client satisfaction showed that 90% of our clients were “delighted” with our service. None were unhappy.
Our standard benchmarking exercise pinpoints money making opportunities for our clients across the board. Over the past 12 months we identified a massive 158,165% increase in profits for our most profitable client; that’s 1,582 times more than they were making!