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Setting up retirement

A newly wealthy couple met with Steve to discuss a possible property investment. Steve was able to talk them through the wider issues surrounding investment. Subsequently, they have decided to continue their strategy, having considered the alternatives and the changes in tax that Steve put to them. They know that their decision is fully informed and the right one for them.

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do (with the right advice)

We met with a business owner who cannot work with his co-owner. Giving a range for a buyout price, Paul was able to set his strategy, and a plan B in case the business partner chose to stay rather than go!

If you need a chat about your strategy with someone who understand both the financial and emotional factors involved, get in touch.

Setting up a business can be scary

Ben is a young man with a great idea, and the technical skills to implement it. However, he recognised that he needed financial skilled advisers to make sure he didn’t make big mistakes. We talked about what he wanted to achieve, rather than the things we can do, so Ben left knowing we are more interested in him and his business than in crowing about how good we are. (Our clients speak for us!).

If you feel your accountant talks a foreign language, or worse you never see them, get in touch and see how we can help you create the business you want.

Adding value in the “ordinary”

Accountants do accounts right? It’s in the name, but does your accountant ever let you know when they spot improvements to your business. We spotted an unpaid sales invoice while preparing a set of accounts for a client. They are now over £700 better off as they’d forgotten to chase the debt!

Penalties removed

Lindsey is becoming an expert in getting penalties lifted. Several clients have benefitted from her work in getting late filing penalties removed by Companies House, and HMRC recently. This includes one client who simply paid HMRC £200 when they sent the demand, even though his company didn’t need to file the tax return on which the penalty was levied.

Resetting the foundation

Mo has had a summer to forget (a bit like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd). She has been sued by a co-venturer (who had to walk away when we pointed out the fantasy nature of his claim!) and needed to simplify her business structure. We met with Mo and one of her (good) business partners to clear up the final queries before implementing the restructuring plan. She now has a plan to cut costs and simplify her business interest, that should help her sleep at night.

If life has got more complicated than you thought, and you need help to set a recovery plan, then get in touch.

We are all about “Making Lives Better” and can help you define what that means – showing you how to get to your own, personal “better”.


Our clients continue to expand! Congratulations to Ollie and partner on the birth of their baby girl.

Oh, and well-done Ollie on recruiting your new Business Development Manager this month too!!


‘Get well soon’ to Geoff as he recovers from recent surgery; clearly his hospital had Wi-Fi as he was replying to emails last week!

Mistakes by HMRC

A widowed client received a penalty notice for not filing her tax return on time; she didn’t actually need to file a return and today our appeal was accepted by HMRC.

Sometimes, it’s good to do yourself out of work!

If you feel you may have been unfairly penalised by HMRC, get in touch, and we’ll see if we can help – it’s what we like to do!

Research and Development

Spotting opportunities is something we are good at. A client developed an eco-friendly way of constructing his main product. 

Using recycled plastic ticked a lot of boxes on his R&D claim, and this week we heard that HMRC had agreed the claim, saving him over £19,000 in corporation tax.

If you have a good idea or have invested time and money in it within the last two years, we may be able to get HMRC to contribute to the funding! (This only applies to limited companies, so the past may be closed off to you, but what about the future?)