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Research and Development

Research & Development is for more businesses than just those in white coats! We have recently assisted a client in the professional sector to secure an R&D tax credit payment from HMRC in excess of £10,000.

Huge tax savings

Within 2 months of joining us, we have saved one client over £25,000 in Corporation Tax. Physically saved them it as we reduced a payment due on 31st January from over £35,000 to less than £10,000. That saving has paid our fees for 5 years!

Want a second opinion on your tax affairs? Just let us know.

Welcome to Numbers Paul

We are delighted to welcome Paul to Numbers as our newest Accounts Senior. Paul comes to us with excellent skills from his time in industry, and, we are sure, be an asset to the firm. He has fitted into the team brilliantly, and has taken to the work like a ‘duck to water’!

Counting On …

We are absolutely THRILLED to announce the brilliant news that Andy and Orlagh are expecting their second baby – due in June!

I’m surprised you didn’t hear our loud squeals of delight when Andy showed us the scan pic this morning at the end of our Team Meeting! Haha!

We are SO excited for them 😊

Cheap isn’t always best

Steve was asked by two new clients this week if there was anything they could do to reduce their corporation tax bill. Their previous accountant charged them £450 and “just filed our figures” according to them. Steve and Andy spent some time with them looking at their £300,000 of debtors. As it turns out, over £100,000 was written off in the month after the year end. They were about to pay over £20,000 of tax on income they never received. Other items overlooked added another saving, so they are now paying less than 15% of the original liability.

Significant savings for a small business

Steve met another potential client last week, who trade as a partnership. Taking the very simple step of incorporating their business would save them £2,000 a year. Their modest living style can be funded at a very low tax cost, and we can provide all the documentation needed.


Massive congratulations to our clients Gavin, Becky, Paul and Christian from Elixel, who won the Micro Business of the Year award in the WMN 2017 business awards!

Getting involved

Steve and Andy have shown two clients how to get their employees involved in the ownership of their business, without incurring significant tax and NIC bills. Using an HMRC approved scheme, these key individuals can now build some wealth for themselves and their families.

Becoming aware

At a breakfast event recently, Steve chatted to a new business with a unique product. Unfortunately, they have run out of money, but want to expand their range. Steve was able to point them towards R&D tax credits as a good way to claim some cash to ‘pump prime’ the next stage of their development.

Giving a focus

Sharon is a lovely person, always trying to help people. Unfortunately, this has led her business into difficulty. She spent two hours with Steve, and by the end of it, had a renewed focus on what was best for her and her husband. She can still help people, but knows how to help herself better too!