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Covid-19 FAQs

In addition to the below, you can download FAQs around what help could be available to you on our FAQ downloads page.

1. This seems like a sensible approach. Can I use it in my business?

Please do, but remember we are not experts in public health so you should follow Government and other specialist advice in developing policies for your own business.

2. I need my books processed within a week, what can I do?

You can submit your “paperwork” in the form of digital photos. Please speak to a member of our team if a tight deadline requires this change in your systems/process.

3. It seems a bit excessive, are you just running scared?

Our response to the current threat has been based on the experience of other countries (Italy, for example) and is entirely consistent with our “Making Lives Better” ethos. In this case, avoiding making lives worse is our primary motivation for taking these steps.

Adopting this two-stage response strikes a balance between running scared and responding too late to make a difference.

4. How long will this last?

The practice will remain for as long as the advice remains in place. We are encouraging all clients to adopt digital working, as this reduces the carbon footprint of what we do, and increases efficiency, so we would encourage you to make it your new “normal”.

Each stage will last as long it is deemed sensible or compulsory by the UK Government, although we may extend if it is deemed “good practice”.

5. Could you have adopted a different strategy?

As a bit of light relief, here’s an alternate strategy we considered. With thanks to the BBC and Sven Henrich…https://twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/1237393224714481667?s=20

(You’ll need Twitter to view the video).

6. I have a question that’s not on the list, what should I do?

Please phone the office and ask one of the team. If we get the same question three times, we’ll add it to this list!!