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Statement of policy on Covid-19 containment


As a forward-thinking firm, we spend most of our lives helping clients stay ahead of the taxman and their competition.

One of the biggest challenges we face as small businesses, right now, is the threat of Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus).

We have team members who are vulnerable people (as defined by Government), and many of you have vulnerable family members. In order to protect them, and you, we have been early adopters of some preventative measures.

What we are doing

We have developed a two-stage approach to try and prevent the spread of this virus, and to limit the damage it might cause to our clients if it does hit us.

Stage 1

We will be holding all meetings via Skype, Zoom or on the phone until 31 May, where possible. This will be a new experience for many of you, and we can help you get set up for this if necessary.

Where it is impossible to avoid a visit to our office, we will not shake your hands, and will ask you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds on arrival. We have a selection of song lyrics that will help you time your handwashing and hopefully lighten the atmosphere a little. Check the cloakroom mirrors for your selection.

Stage 2

If the Government recommend office closures, we will be working from home. We have tested our homeworking structures, and they work very well.

Most of our clients now deliver their records in electronic form, so we should be relatively unaffected.

If you are not currently using digital technology, we can help you get set up. Please call the office for guidance.

We appreciate that some of you still need to drop things to the office on occasion. To ensure you are not disadvantaged, we will open the office each day for a short period. Please call the office to check we are open.

If you need to visit the office, this is what you’ll find….

On arrival, you will find the door unlocked and a box just inside to the left to receive your books and records.

Please place the records in the box, say a cheery goodbye and enjoy the rest of your day.

Our team member will complete the ‘books in’ form, sign it on your behalf, and cover the box with a dated lid.

Government guidance (COVID-19:guidance for employers and businesses) states that the amount of virus left on surfaces is significantly reduced after 72 hours. In order to be on the safe side, the box will be removed to our upstairs office and left unopened for a week. Thereafter, your paperwork will be processed in the usual way.

Please phone the office if you have any queries. We have prepared a few FAQs which may save the you the hassle of a phone call. Please see the attached sheet.

Hopefully these simple steps will mean a speedy return to normal working.

Please read our Covid-19 FAQs.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Steve met with a client recently who recognised a need to change if he was to develop a business to support his family. A three-hour meeting uncovered numerous ways in which Chris can boost his income and profits and protect his good quality (but expensive) office coffee!!