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Success with succession

Steve met with the two generations leading the succession plan for a major client. Both now know the steps required, and the key documents they need to have ready for each stage. The plan has been timetabled, costed and each key player knows their part. This should protect over 30 local jobs, and build a foundation for the future prosperity of the company.

Understanding is key

Sometimes our expert skills are needed to interpret actions taken by others, so our clients understand their real position. Last week, Steve had to do that for a newish client, unravelling the mess made of his PAYE record by HMRC. With Brad’s help, we worked out how HMRC had corrected a £30,000(!) error in their PAYE software. Richard now knows exactly where he stands on PAYE. Now for his VAT and self-assessment accounts!

Just being there

Richard was terrified. His first public presentation, in front of his new bosses was last Thursday. We were invited, and with positive listening skills, laughing in the right place, and heartfelt applause, we were able to support him as he broke through his “wall”. Well done Richard and we look forward to working with you in future.

Gym owners exercised

Chris and Nick are doing well, but they constantly worry about demands on their future cashflow. Informing them of the benefits of cloud-based software (instead of the paper system used by their current accountant), means they can face the future knowing that all is accurately recorded, and they can check their cashflow forecasts pretty much any time of the day or night. This simple step will put them back in control, and ensure they claim all the expenses they incur, cutting their VAT and Corporation tax bills too.

Team success

Adam is now officially a MAAT. Onwards and upwards for him. Sydney is hot on his heels. She has just received an overall 85% mark for her Level 2 AAT. Will she catch him? Only time will tell!

VAT refunds

Brad leads our bookkeeping and VAT compliance team. This month, he secured refunds of over £2,700 for two clients; he’ll nag you to maximise your refunds as well, so why not give him a call and see how he can help you.

The end still brings opportunities

Two clients were on the brink of retirement. By making a terminal loss claim for their last year of trading, Adam and Andy have saved them over £6,400 in corporation tax. This makes their retirement just that little bit better.