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How good is your business?

We are delighted to announce the release of our new cloud-based benchmarking software. Developed by our partners at AVN, we are able to compare your business (confidentially) to others in your industry sector and geographic region. Using up to 45 different measures, we can tell you just how good (or bad!) your business is, compared to your competitors.

So, if you want to know (and more importantly would like to know how to make it better), please get in touch.

Choose how much tax you save?

Steve met with a client, their IFA and a technical adviser this week to discuss a pension plan he had devised. It would appear that the client can save over £500,000 with this plan (Steve knew that already!). However, the client may want to retain cash for further non-pension investments, so they may choose to save less. It’s good to have the choice though, isn’t it?

If you’d like to explore ways in which you can have a choice over how much tax you pay, give us a call, or use the contact form to set up an appointment.

Keeping one (or more) steps ahead

Did you see our live coverage of the Chancellor’s budget speech? If you did, you knew about the hike in NIC for the self-employed even before he’d finished announcing it!

If you think you might be affected in April next year, we can help you assess the damage, and give you options for limiting it. The earlier you take action, the better your chances. Give us a call and set up a plan to stay one step ahead.


New Team members
We are delighted to welcome Adam Sloan and Aleksandra Maj to the ‘Numbers family’.
Adam is employed as an Accounts Senior, and Aleksandra as a modern apprentice, and we are chuffed to have them on board. It’s going to be great working with them, and they are going to be a great asset to the firm ‘Making Lives Better’.

Exam excellence
Our new team member, Adam, has already made a splash. He has passed his AAT Level 4: Management Accounting: Decision and Control (AQ2016), with a brilliant 89%. Well done Adam!

The kind of stuff we do

Family succession
Steve helped a family to pass on the freehold of their business property. This involved guiding the father through the CGT minefield, and the son through the options for funding and purchasing the property. Substantial savings of over £500,000 were identified along the way, and even the grandchildren can benefit from the structure recommended by Steve.

The simpler life
An elderly client of ours came to see Steve, worried that her life was about to be turned upside down. She owns a commercial property that is now worth £6m. She worries about the impact on her family. Steve was able to talk her through the stages of selling the property, paying the tax, and some of the options for the rest of the proceeds. Her family will be able to set up the businesses they want, the client will be happy she is using the funds wisely – reassured that her wealth is protected for future generations.

Another family matter
A couple came to see Steve as they were worried about their daughter. She lives in a rented flat in London, but they have concerns about the landlord. They want to help their daughter buy her own flat, but this is a challenge in London! Steve and our IFA met with them, and put together a plan that meets not only their financial needs, but also builds in flexibility while properties are sourced, purchased and others sold to fund it.

Financial security
Steve demonstrated a way in which a client could pay off his mortgage in three months. He chose not to, as he would incur a significant penalty. However, he will pay off as much as he can without penalty, and has plans to use the rest to build his business. Introducing him to our IFA at the same time means he now has his important priorities established, and a team behind him to implement the plan!

Helping those who can’t pay us!
Steve enjoyed a day out at our local Uni, helping students to prepare a business plan, and judging the presentations of those plans. If you think “The Apprentice”, you’ll understand the concept.