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Rachael says:

“Some exciting accounts of how Numbers continue to achieve their goal of ‘Making Lives Better’ this week.
THIS is why we get out of bed, and come to work each morning! Have a read …”

Saving money from the word go

Steve met with a potential client last week who agreed terms this week. We have found a way for him to pay off his mortgage within three months, and in a tax efficient way that pays for itself. He’s ‘over the moon’!


Are you claiming all available employment allowances? This week Andy managed to save a client £772 in income tax purely by ensuring they claimed all relevant allowances.

Looking after the family

Steve met with a client who was keen to set up his family, but wanted to avoid punitive rates of capital gains tax on the sale of a freehold premises. Steve was able to calculate the gain, and show the client how he can shelter the gains by using the funds he is raising. This delighted his son and daughter-in-law who can now develop their own business with a firm foundation.

But it’s not always about the money

Steve’s third meeting of last week was with an existing client. He is helping to launch a major initiative in Cornwall, and needed some help in deciphering the project cashflow forecast prepared by another accountant. Trusting Steve due to his previous work with us, he showed Steve some highly confidential projections, and now understands that the project could be as good as he initially thought.

At the forefront of technology

Andy has regular ‘Geek Time’ blocked out in his work calendar, so that he can continually look at streamlining processes within the office – and look for great new ideas for our clients too.

From March, we will be using @IgnitionApp to make our engagement process 100% paperless (And less painful for the admin team!). And we will be rolling out a series of fresh tech ideas in the very near future. Keep an eye out!

Hitting the goal

This is not a football metaphor, but Steve met with a potential client and showed him a way to pay off his £75,000 mortgage within three months! (And reminded him to protect it by getting a will drawn up too!)

It’s not (just) about the money

Sometimes, the right thing to do means we lose out. Steve met with two potential clients this week, and found a way to cut their accountancy fees, by recommending other routes to the goals they want to achieve. We can achieve our goal of Making Lives Better, sometimes without taking any fees! Put us to the test, as we’ll only suggest you use us if it’s best for you.

Ingenious tax planners preside here!!

A family wants to pass on the property from which the business trades but Dad wants a lump sum to retire on. Steve has found a way to deliver massive tax savings, and set the foundation for some tax-free gains in future. This was done in our reception area so you may not need a long meeting to benefit from our experience!

Chocoholics at Numbers

January is now in full swing – and so is ‘tax return season’! The team at Numbers are diligently completing tax returns for our clients, and after each one they receive a reward.

Last year we had the opportunity to pop a numbered balloon (we loved it!), and this year we choose an envelope …

Have a quick look at these pictures to find out more about these envelopes … (Rachael – jokingly – offered to pay the team in chocolate this month!)

Call to action – If you haven’t yet sent in your tax return information, now is the time to do it, since we can’t guarantee submission for late provision of info!