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Team successes

Beth, our part time social media manager -and physio undergraduate – achieved a 2.1 at the end of this academic year. Well done Beth!
And Rachael, our Practice Manager – who is studying a BA in Business Management – achieved a ‘First’ at the end of this academic year. Another success!

What would you do with the extra?

A client drew cash from her business thinking that it was taxable income. However, Brad was able to show her that, in the absence of a dividend voucher, the cash was in fact not subject to tax, as it was a repayment of her loan to the company. He also set off her losses this year against last year which saved another £922.40.

Attention to detail like this enables our clients to minimise their tax bills within the law!!

Georgia’s successes

In particular, Georgia managed to save £1565.61 for a client by ensuring they were on the correct scheme for VAT.

Obtained a CIS refund of over £18,000 for a client – and there’s another £18000 to reclaim!

Managed to void PAYE fines and interest for a happy client.

Obtained an unexpected VAT reclaim of £815 for another client.

Brad’s successes

Brad obtained a couple of tax refunds for clients this week.

One amounted to £4,958.88 and future savings of £1,445.62 per annum, and another of £761.00.

Reece’s successes

Again, we are always looking to save our clients tax, and Reece identified tax refunds of £1,153.55 and £809.11 for two other clients.

Andy’s successes

On review of a client’s remuneration & profit extraction strategy savings in excess of £52,000 were identified.

And our client will be pleased to find out that Andy has just received a letter from HMRC confirming that they have accepted an appeal against penalties of £520 incorrectly levied.

Steve’s successes

Steve identified an opportunity to claim back VAT following a very recent change in HMRC’s guidance about the Flat Rate Scheme. Covering the potential refund in one of our pre year end meetings resulted in a refund for a client of over £4,000, and all she needs to do is put one extra figure on her next VAT return!

If you’d like us to check your position, our no win, no fee arrangement will guarantee you can’t lose. Please get in touch.

Client successes

And finally, a HUGE congratulations to our client James Webster, who entered The British Mortgage awards and won the ‘Best First Time Buyer Mortgage Broker’ award – making him the best in the UK!

Planning pays off!

Steve met with two clients to run through our pre- year end planning agenda last week. Savings identified exceeded £4,000! Not bad for two hours’ work.

Last week Andy helped to review the cash extraction planning for a company, and pulled together a plan to save over £84,000 in corporate & personal taxes. That’s £225,300 saved in four weeks!

By helping a client to review their internal processes we managed to identify an anomaly in their work in progress function. The result of which was a tax saving in excess of £100,000.

Giving your business the Edge

We’ve developed a new series of workshops, aimed at helping business owners overcome the obstacles to a better business. The first workshop is planned for 29 September, addressing “Unlocking the potential in your business”.