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Leaders’ Vision Day

Our venue put the red carpet out today for the Numbers (UK) Ltd Leaders’ Vision Day!
Lots of great ideas coming to you soon….

April Fool’s Day

A multi-coloured surprise awaited Andy and Rachael’s arrival on April 1st. Their respective offices were half filled with balloons…

Various pranks were carried out during the morning – all in the spirit of ‘Making Lives Better’. Thank goodness it lasted for only 3 hours on a Friday!!


Protecting the next generation (and the one after that)

After extensive research, Steve was able to implement some planning for a client that will save him over £1,800,000 in Inheritance Tax. Not only that, the structure will also protect the heirs’ estates from IHT on the same assets. Steve says,

“the client is naturally delighted, and I really enjoyed the technical interplay of Stamp Duty Land Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax.” (but then he always was a bit strange!)


Georgia successfully received a refund of PAYE for £880.55 for one of our clients. We enjoy getting refunds for our clients!

Making ourselves available

Steve held a meeting with one of our clients last week, and is working on a new project that should make it a lot easier to get in touch with us. Watch this space for future developments!

A helping hand

Steve helped a client of ours complete a form that is required as part of a court case. She was very nervous about getting it wrong, but now feels she can get it done with our help.

Enhancing efficiency, in an efficient manner

Steve agreed a plan for the implementation of new accounting and project management software with a client last week. The phased program will deliver £10,000s of efficiency savings every year, without having to disrupt the current smooth running of their office.