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What could you do with the extra cash?

Have you extracted as much cash as possible from your company in the most tax efficient manner? One client thought so, but last week Andy managed to find another £4k of funds for one client to draw.

Building futures

At one of our regular workshops, we showed a client making over £100,000 a year how they could easily increase profits by 900%. Increasing employment, and improving their already enviable work/life balance.

If you would like to attend one of our Practice Measurement and Improvement workshops (‘The Numbers’), please get in touch.

Saving money every day

In the run up to Christmas, we filed ten sets of accounts just before their filing deadlines. This saved clients over £3,500 in fines, despite their delays in getting information to us!!

Tax returns

We are working hard to complete your tax returns so that you don’t incur a fine!

Do we have your tax return information? If not, please get in touch as soon as possible – all these balloons need to be popped by the end of Jan!

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