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Now for the weekend …


All but 4 tax returns completed! (Unfortunately, no information by these clients was supplied)
A phenomenal effort by the team at Numbers!
Now for the weekend …

Getting it under control

Last week, Steve led a team which brought a major client’s accounting affairs up-to-date. He identified the key processes, developed an action plan and supported the team (in-house and subcontract) to get everything updated within a week.

The flat rate scheme

Last week, Georgia managed to save three of our clients –


… each quarter. A grand total of £3,205.80 … all by being on the flat rate scheme for VAT.
If you don’t know what this is – or whether you could benefit – get in touch for a chat!

New dividend tax rules

A client was looking to withdraw a large dividend from his company, and after reviewing the new dividend tax rules it was discovered that he would save £7k by taking the dividend pre April 2016 rather than after.

How will the new dividend rules affect you?

Income tax savings

Over £40,000 of income tax savings were identified last week by exploring alternative cash extraction methods for a family owned business.

Have you submitted your tax return info?

We have only 21 balloons to pop! Is one of those 21 YOUR balloon? If it IS, it will be because we don’t have sufficient tax return info to submit it for you.

Please send us the information as soon as possible, so that you can avoid a fine for late submission … and get that balloon popped!

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Making lives better is what we enjoy!!

Crisis management

A client’s finance manager decided not to return to work after Christmas. Within 24 hours, we visited the site, reassured the other admin staff, found a temporary bookkeeper, and devised a plan to ensure staff and HMRC are paid on time this month, as well as all the other creditors.

And we are saving the company over £1,000 a month!!

Tax Funding

Through our partnership with a bespoke tax funder we managed to raise £17,000 of funds last week to enable clients to meet their VAT payment deadlines. In turn this avoided £3k of VAT surcharges.

Are you struggling to meet your tax payment? Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Penalties Removed

After 18 months & 6 letters of appeal we managed to win a battle with HMRC to get £1,500 of penalties removed from a client’s self-assessment account.

If you don’t think penalties levied by the tax office are correct please contact us.