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Making lives better

We managed to get HMRC to remove penalties for late tax returns from a client of ours who is seriously ill, even though he had already paid them. The £454 cheque will help.

And better

Steve met with a potential new client and identified over £30,000 a year of tax and VAT savings! Both savings are from implementing Government approved schemes.

And even better

Steve has managed to source nearly £4m of funding for two development projects on behalf of our newish client.

Reviewing your business structure

Bradley completed reviews into the business structure of two clients this week, and identified annual tax savings of over £2,000 per client.

We regularly save our clients far in excess of that. Contact us to check out whether a review of YOUR business structure would give you extra cash in your pocket.


Brad passed his ethics exam on his first attempt, which is a great news! This is a notoriously difficult exam with only a 27% first time pass rate.