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Helping an old friend to make life better

Mike came into the office for his pre tax year end review. Identified 11 steps he can explore to “make life better”. He, and the team here are working through those points this week. More importantly, we may have found someone to help him run his business, allowing him to have a holiday for the first time since this time last year.

And the tax savings roll in

Steve saw another new client this week, and identified a simple step that will save him over £1,700 every year. Adding in a second step will save another £1,000, so our fees are essentially paid by HMRC, with something to spare!

WE saved some money too!

We don’t have to pay Brad’s college fees this year. His status and age mean he qualifies for full funding. Also, we received our £1,500 grant for supporting him through his level 2 studies. It’s nice to be paid for doing the right thing.

Brad did share some expected good news, but as the exam results are published for another four weeks, we’d better not second guess the examiners. We’ll keep you posted!

Old friends

It’s great to be able to help out a friend. Mark and his brother popped in to the office to check out a tax saving idea they had. I was delighted help them plan out the steps needed to save themselves over £130 per week EACH. A nice way to end the week.

Is YOUR accountant truly proactive?

  • By meeting up with a client prior to their yearend we have managed to defer a capital gains tax liability of £9,000 by 12 months.
  • In the first period of trading after incorporating their business we have helped a client generate tax savings in excess of £1,500.

We’d love the opportunity to help you! Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Oh, and another thing before you go …

We’ve just finalised a set of accounts for a client with a January 2015 year end, giving them 256 days to budget for their tax liability!

British Heart Foundation

Last Friday, our team joined in with the fun, as we helped raise money for the British Heart Foundation at the Ibis Hotel in Plymouth. (www.ibis.com)
A quiz and coffee (and cake!) morning was enjoyed by all!!

More importantly £125 was raised for this worthy cause.