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New clients

Welcome to Neil, Dave and Nick, Sam and Carol, Joan and Richard, and James, our newest clients.

Adding to our tax refund total

Another week, another refund. Client who has struggled financially this year, was delighted to hear that we could generate a tax refund of over £5,000 for his company. Last week, we were informed by HMRC that “the cheque’s in the post”. Now I know that usually means, “I’m thinking about maybe putting some thought into getting a cheque written some time before the next millennium,” but HMRC usually deliver on their promise.

That makes a grand total of over £65,000 of tax refunds this year – this excludes all the tax we have prevented from being paid in the first place!
So, if you want an accountant who looks at “Making Lives Better” in 2015, by cutting your tax bills (legally so you can sleep at night), you know where to find us.

Working together to bring stunning results to our clients

There are some things we are not allowed to do, so we find advisers who can. Working with an IFA, we have finalised a plan which not only saves a client over £150,000 in Corporation tax, but removes £800,000 from their taxable estate and generates a further £4,000 a year of annual tax savings. Total tax savings exceed £500,000 and they retain control over their assets! If you want to know how you can get the same result, just ask us.

Good news for all

2015 promises to be a year of great opportunity, and we have already identified seven new initiatives that we want to bring to our clients. Keep watching for news as we roll them out!

And finally …

Thank you for your support during 2014. We appreciate that we haven’t always been perfect, but we are working hard to “make ourselves better”.