A progressive, South West based accountancy practice

Welcome to Oskar!

We have now completed the recruitment of our new modern apprentice. Oskar Lindblom is now part of our Numbers team here – he impressed us at his interview and we hope he’ll impress you in time as well! Congratulations, and welcome Oskar!

Hard at work saving our clients money

  • Through claiming the relevant allowances on assets, Andy reduced a client’s tax bill by £599. In addition, through researching how to fund their son’s student fees, an additional £1,800 was saved. The total savings more than covered our annual fee.
  • Andy has completed some planning into alternative trading structures for a client and identified potential savings of £21,000 in tax over the next 5 years.
  • After meeting with a client, Andy identified tax savings of over £15,000 by simply changing their business structure.
  • Last week, Andy and Steve met with clients who are looking to retire in just 14 months’ time. There are significant regulatory issues and they have never sold a business before, so didn’t know where to start. On meeting with them, our team identified issues that needed addressing, and presented an idea which would actually save them far more than it costs to implement, leading to a negative effective tax rate of 6%! Tim and David were delighted with our input!
  • A long standing client really appreciated the sounding board Steve provided during a late afternoon phone call. An issue had arisen with a previously planned project, and he needed to know if he was approaching the proposed adjustment in the correct way. A matter of great sensitivity, which could have blown the plan off course, has been averted.
  • Andy met with a client and gave them some ideas that could boost their business profits by £20,000, an increase which would transform the business.
  • Steve & Andy met with two clients to discuss the next step in their lives.  Five years on, they are millionaires, and for the first time need to think about IHT. It won’t surprise you to hear that our IHT mitigation ideas were well received!

We carry your burden

Well done to Emily, who managed to complete and file a set of accounts for a client with very little time before the deadline. The client sent us their records on Monday, and the accounts were filed on Friday … and Emily managed to attend college and get her other work done last week!

Our proactive approach

  • Steve ran a successful presentation to a group of local professionals on Friday evening. Tax savings of tens of thousands have been identified for the participants! We are looking forward to working with them!
  • Our new computers are all and up and running. Watch this space for news of exciting developments now possible! We can’t wait to add even more value to our accountancy services that we provide you!

Team News

  • Congratulations to Andy, who has had confirmation this week of his Fellow membership with the AAT. This basically means that he has been in practice for five years post-qualification (I know he doesn’t look that old ..!) and has 3 years “senior or managerial experience in the field” (It also means that his subscription increases!!)
  • And…..Andy got a year older (and obviously wiser…….:D )

Delighted with our service

Our client Liam Bradley of Bradley LA Ltd is ‘delighted’ with us! Our service is timely, efficient, and friendly. He’s especially looking forward to paying less tax!!


Congratulations to our clients Roper James Solicitors, who have been chosen by the British Bikers Association as their exclusive motorcycle PI lawyers for the South West. Well done guys – great to be recognised for your expertise!

Money in the bank for our clients

  • Steve has identified savings of over £16,000 a year for an employee who is about to take on a new role in one of our major clients. This funds his new car, one for his wife, and pays our fees!
  • As part of the same project, Steve used our “remuneration planner” software to research over 7,000 different options for funds extraction, and identified a strategy which, if implemented, will save the company over £90,000 a year!
  • Steve and Andy have done some business health checks, and one of Steve’s clients has grown profits by 1,100% as a result. There’s now cash in the bank for the first time in many years. A great result for Duncan after all his hard work!