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Using technology to work smarter

Steve saw a potential new client who wanted to get his tax affairs in order before he moved overseas for work for the next three months. Using our technology, we have been able to quote and sign him up in one afternoon. Client due diligence can all be done electronically, so we don’t need copy passports, driving licences or utility bills; all good news for a client who has better things to do with his time. If you want an accountant who knows how best to use technology and can help you maximise your own productivity, give us a call.

A trip down memory lane

Jane came in to see Steve about two years ago, asking for advice on the Capital Gains Tax aspects of a proposed gift of a house to her daughter. That gift now needs to be reported and Jane asked Steve to assist with the calculation of the final tax bill. Using his knowledge of the CGT rules, Steve was able to let he know how much tax would be due, and suggests ways in which the tax could be deferred or even eliminated entirely.

CGT is currently an optional tax, so if you’d like to know more about how to defer or eliminate it, either before or after the event, get in touch.

Exam success!

Jake achieved 93% in the Indirect (VAT) Tax unit which counts towards his AAT qualification. We’re wondering how he dropped the 7% …! Haha! Well done Jake – you’re  a smart cookie!

Peace of mind

One of our clients was threatened with legal action after parting ways with a business partner on a project. Steve and Mike worked closely with our client and ex-partner to successfully argue that the input by both partners was very close, while negating a claim for loss of potential profits.

Our client walked away with resolution which means that both sides can carry on trading separately. She now has peace of mind about the situation and is able to sleep easier a night since the final claim was reduced by around 90%

Lindsey is on holiday

Message from Lindsey: “My good news today is that it’s 2-4-1 cocktails at the bar this afternoon. You’re welcome. 🏖🍸😉”

‘Numbers’ are important to our clients!

£26,266.49 – tax savings – this year alone,  by setting up a client as a limited company and bringing his wife into the business.

£2,485.32 – tax refund – secured for a struggling business within two days of being appointed by Numbers.

£852 – reduction in tax bill – after asking a few questions of a new client, some expenses that they never knew were tax deductible (and weren’t discovered by a previous accountant) have been identified.

£951.80 – tax rebate – by identifying allowable workplace expenses & utilising partnership loss.

£739.20 & £152.36 – tax rebate (2016-17 & 2018 Tax returns) – by utilising partnership losses against tax already paid.

£69.00 – originally £230 tax bill – but after talking to the client, we identified items to bring the tax due down.

£696.81 – reduction of PAYE payable – by correcting previous accountant’s historic payroll submissions.

£3,778.74 – tax saving – by reducing payment on account as we looked forward to next year’s income and adjusted POA accordingly.

£1,377.74 – tax saving – by reducing payment on account as we looked forward to next year’s income and adjusted POA accordingly.

Peace of mind, and more…..

A new client came to us in a highly agitated state. Their accountant contacted them last week with a pile of queries over their accounts, due at the end of the month. Furthermore, without accurate figures, their Tax Credits payments would stop, dropping them into very deep financial trouble.

Steve met with them and we completed the regulatory requirements in record time. Two days later and the accounts were finished, and Steve delivered the great news that tax refunds of over £2,400 were headed their way! Our new clients slept well that night for the first time in ages, and now want Numbers (UK) Limited to help them recover from a downturn in their business.

Never loan £££ to HMRC!!

Becca saved our clients £2,589.92 on their personal tax payments on account due to recognising that their income will be lower next year. That way they are keeping their money to themselves instead of loaning it to HMRC for a year!

What could you do with that extra this year? Keeping us in the loop could help save you money – so keep in touch, the kettle is always on!

Approachable and Dynamic (two of our ‘Five core values’)

A client has recently been having a lot of health issues so getting a corporation tax and self-assessment letter through the post made her panic. Becca was able to reassure her that the corporation tax was not payable and gave her advice on what she could do to make her tax bill, as well as our bill, as low as possible – and now we are able to provide her with a refund that more than covers what we are charging, making her very happy!

Don’t ever sit at home worrying – give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.