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Never loan £££ to HMRC!!

Becca saved our clients £2,589.92 on their personal tax payments on account due to recognising that their income will be lower next year. That way they are keeping their money to themselves instead of loaning it to HMRC for a year!

What could you do with that extra this year? Keeping us in the loop could help save you money – so keep in touch, the kettle is always on!

Approachable and Dynamic (two of our ‘Five core values’)

A client has recently been having a lot of health issues so getting a corporation tax and self-assessment letter through the post made her panic. Becca was able to reassure her that the corporation tax was not payable and gave her advice on what she could do to make her tax bill, as well as our bill, as low as possible – and now we are able to provide her with a refund that more than covers what we are charging, making her very happy!

Don’t ever sit at home worrying – give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.

On the way to realising their goal

We’ve recently reviewed the income streams of a new client and having run through a full tax diagnostic for the family we have identified annual savings in excess of £5,700. That goes a long way towards the family goal of saving £500 a month to overpay their mortgage. 

Do you have any personal goals you’d like to achieve? We might be able to help – come share them with us over a coffee.

Family owned business

Last year we reorganised the shareholdings within a family owned business. The outcome? £8,700 less income tax payable to HMRC this month.

Have you reviewed the ownership of your business within your family? If not, get in touch.

Retain key team members

In 2018 we helped a local business to set up a tax efficient share option scheme for its key employees. As the business smashed its targets, we had the pleasure of being able to issue shares valued at £7,500 for only £30. 

If you’re looking to tie key employees into your business share options are a great incentive. Get in touch if you’d like a chat about the options available to you.

Fifteen minutes of fame!

Andy’s contributions were in the AAT’s quarterly magazine (and in last quarters too!). Here’s the cover of the article. Signed copies are available through his agent…..

Do you have a client who won’t pay?

Becca saved our client £61,187.96 in VAT this quarter by changing them from the accrual to cash VAT scheme. This meant that the VAT charged on their client – who is no longer in business and wouldn’t pay – which normally wouldn’t be claimed for 6 months with bad debt relief, came in early!

Avoiding mistakes

Sometimes you save money by not doing (the wrong) things. Steve met with a lady who has been appointed a trustee of her mother’s new trust. She needed guidance on who were the beneficiaries, so she could avoid making payments to the wrong people and incurring personal liability for her mistakes.

Steve was able to explain the difference between trustees and beneficiaries, so now she can manage the trust with confidence.

Keeping the wolves from your door

Steve helped a client to negotiate an affordable payment plan for their tax debts. This allows the business to protect 25 jobs and invest in their future.

If you are struggling with debts, we may be able to help you buy some time to implement a recovery plan. We can help you identify your options, and introduce you to the licensed practitioners you need to keep the wolves from your door.

Everything’s taken care of …

Having relocated to the South West, a couple needed a local accountant who could provide an overview of their finances and help them maintain their lifestyle. We were thrilled that they came to us!

If you’d like an overview, or just want to know that “everything’s taken care of”, we can give that assurance.