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Over the last month Rachael has been trialling a brand new way of communicating our great ideas to a wider audience.
A brand new ’app’ called Periscope, released just three months ago, enables live recording and broadcasting via mobile phone. The app was bought by twitter prior to release, since they could see its enormous potential. Their confidence was well founded – Periscope has gone wild!
On Budget Day we ‘scoped’ a ground-breaking first broadcast to viewers worldwide. As the chancellor spoke, Andy relayed relevant parts of the speech to Steve, who commented on the relevance to business owners, and non-business owners alike. Via periscope they were able to ask questions to Rachael (behind camera most of the time!) who relayed them to Steve. Simultaneously, Beth – our social media manager – was tweeting the questions and answers. It worked brilliantly, and we had a great response!

As a result of this, The Evening Herald, BBC Spotlight, and Radio Devon were all in contact with us here at Numbers. We think it might have been a UK first, and we are pleased to show that – once again – we are at the cutting edge of our profession in many ways.

We plan to use Periscope to broadcast live regularly. Watch this space, and our social media platforms, for more news on our upcoming scopes!