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Making lives better

  • Steve ran through our profit potential planning (our PMI system) with two clients last week. One identified profit growth of over 1,000% by implementing small changes to their existing structure.

    The second client will benefit by a tripling of profits.

  • Working with a local IFA, we have identified over £60,000 of tax savings for a client, who is approaching retirement. Originally, the savings were to accrue over 5 years. Steve identified some modifications that mean the savings are now secured over a 14 month period.
  • Last week Steve attended a meeting in London for a client. John wanted someone there who understood technical tax terms. He was very grateful that Steve was there, who could explain everything that was said at the meeting by other professionals who don’t feel the need to speak in ‘plain English’ to their clients!
  • On Friday, Steve was contacted by a client who needed a business plan by Sunday night. Shifting other priorities around meant that the plan was delivered on time, made sense, and contained realistic figures. The plan was required as part of a competition entry, with a prize of £150,000. This will transform what is a great idea into a global business!

    We have just heard that they are through to the national finals, and are off to Facebook’s UK headquarters for the next round, next week. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for them!

  • Steve met with a business contact on Monday and spent a couple of hours helping him (and his wife) work out what they wanted their business to do for them, as he was currently running it the other way round. (i.e. the business demands were driving him) and they recognised that this wasn’t sustainable.

    This is a common feature of many businesses – but it doesn’t need to be this way! We would be more than happy to meet with you to help ‘make your life better’. Contact us for an appointment at your convenience.