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Saving more money for our clients

  • Last week Emily cleared an £800 penalty, issued by HMRC in error for one of our clients. See their testimonial on our ‘Who Likes Us’ page.
  • We saved nearly £600 on a 1st VAT return for a client that was taken on last summer. As such, we have paid for ourselves! If you would like to know whether the FRS can save you VAT, contact us for a free review.
  • Tax refunds have been received for 4 clients totalling nearly £2,000. Again, if you want to know if we can do the same for you, get in touch!
  • We helped a client plan the sale of a property, and the transfer of some land to avoid unnecessarily paying £3,600 in capital gains tax.
  • Managed a client through the process of paying the tax on the sale of a commercial property, and distribution of the gains to their 8 shareholders in a tax efficient manner.