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Good news

Steven Carey

Steve completed a review of a medic’s tax code last week which resulted in a refund of £1,400 and a saving in tax of £170 per month going forward. If you have any medics in the family who think they are paying too much tax, they are probably right, and we can help them boost their hard earned take home pay.


Becca conducted a VAT review on a client week. Since they took over their own bookkeeping from us last year, they had missed out on VAT reclaims of £10,000 which she was able to reclaim on their most recent VAT return.


Danny has worked through the projected income figures for a client who’s working situation is slightly changing over the next 6 months to enable a reduction of £835 in the amount of on account payments.


Danny & Lindsey worked tirelessly at pestering HMRC for a resolve to a tax liability that our client never should have owed, after numerous different delays and excuses from the revenue the liability of over £3,100 has finally been reduced to Nil.