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Making sure the plans work

Steve used one of our exciting apps to review a client’s business proposal last week. Donald and Teresa have worked very hard over the past five years without receiving their due reward. This year is their “make or break” year, and they changed their business model. Using their own figures, and in discussion with them, Steve was able to demonstrate, in real time, how their changes would deliver the income they wanted and more.

And on top of that, we are able to give them their own copy of the App, which means they can run more “what if?” scenarios at leisure! Never again will they have to guess whether their plans will give them the result they want!

A separate meeting saw Steve advise two siblings on the tax implications of plans being made to pass on the family farm. They walked away with a clear vision of what was fair, and what taxes might be involved. So pleased with the advice, one asked Steve to quote for his personal company accounts!