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Total saving for our clients this week

Motor Repair Centre:
We claimed over £1,800 for our client saving £360 in corporation tax.
As a result of the large pension contributions made during the year we saved over £48,000 in Corporation Tax, with £10,000 of this being refunded from HMRC. In addition, this has sheltered future Inheritance Tax of over £102,000, so the pension planning will have secured a combined tax savings of £151,360!

Management Consultancy:
Over £10,000 was claimed in capital allowances saving over £2,000 in corporation tax.

Construction company:
Claiming £5,000 in capital allowances, we saved £1,000
Voting the directors salaries, we also saved the company over £2,100 throughout the year.

Printing Company:
With over £1,400 claimed in capital allowances our client saved over £280